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Different steps in creating a new CathAm design

- Demonstrations of design process available by appointment -


- A new CathAm creation always begins with some rough sketches. The successive sketches serve to gradually draw forth the basic elements of the composition.


- The first prototype is made up in ordinary white cloth on a wooden mannequin. The seams are very approximate or non-existent. It is mainly a process of cutting and draping using scissors and pins.

- Creation of successive models helps to refine the composition and determine the material.

- A final prototype, a stylistically perfect model, is created in a standard size.

- Feasibility and cost of production are estimated. If there is a problem, the prototype is modified.

- The pattern in real size is produced on durable paper which allows rapid transfer onto the fabric (for placement, tracing, cutting). This pattern indicates seam allowances (1 cm) and the fabric needed for hems (3 to 4 cm).

- A pattern in reduced scale is made, marked with the finished dimensions for easy reference and archiving in the collection.

silk lyon
atelier de soierie

All sketches are by Jacques Amaz, for CathAm.

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