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Wild silks in shimmering colors, an original Lyon fashion designer : you are at CathAm Silk in Old Lyon.

CathAm Silk is a young fashion house founded by Catherine Amaz, a stylist of Parisian origin, raised in the haute couture tradition, in association with her husband, Jacques, a visual artist and professor of art history.


   The preferred material of CathAm is silk : sumptuous raw silks in lustrous tones and iridescent traditional silks.


   The scarves and accessories are all designed by the two CathAm stylists. They showcase the active modern woman and singular European man.


   Our creations combine the originality of design with the simplicity of use. “The scarves are equipped with ribbons or buttons, or with a simple gathering system, so it’s a snap to transform a single scarf into a small vest, a collar, a sash, or a shoulder wrap, for example. With these ingenious designs, anyone can do it : compose a different outfit each day, chic for the holidays or more casual for every day.” (Isabelle Brione, Le Progrès, 11/12/2014).


   CathAm also presents a selection of very refined Pashminas of the best quality from Ladakh and Mongolia.

   In the pages that follow you will discover each of our creations and the different ways to wear them.

foulard en soie sauvage

   You surely know that for more than 60 years, silk thread is no longer produced in France, as it once was when Joseph Marie Jacquard invented his famous loom here in Lyon. It is therefore necessary to obtain this raw material from the countries which currently produce it, namely China (80% of world production), India or Brazil.

   Because of its singular texture and ability to be sculpted into poses that hold their shape without using wire, the raw silk that CathAm finds most desirable can only be found in India. Well before the creation of CathAm, we had been visiting India for Jacques’ research work in art history.

   You will notice that all CathAm creations are made of iridescent silk fabric. To achieve this shimmery appearance, first, our silk threads are dyed in skeins. Then, we choose one color for the weft (horizontal) and another color for the warp (lengthwise) threads. Next, the two different-color threads are woven together by hand to produce the final fabric. This is how we achieve the vibrant tones and rich opalescence that are the hallmark of CathAm creations.


   Within the partnership that we have established with the Indian artisans, CathAm has specific requirements:

• We insist on the highest quality materials.
• We preserve the richness of the Indian raw material.

   CathAm believes strongly in fair-trade, and is committed to being an ethical fashion enterprise by imposing its own charter, as follows:

• Avoid middlemen as much as possible, so that the revenue remains with the farmers and the weavers themselves.
• Visit the workshops unannounced, to ensure that the working conditions are decent and that no children are working there.